1) Do you do surveys and security checks?

Yes free of charge and no obligation.

2) Do you take over existing system?

Yes but there is a take over charge for inspecting the system.

3) Do you service systems every year?

Yes we recommend that you have your system serviced every year to make sure it works and has no hidden problems.

4) Do you do call-outs on non maintained systems?

Yes there is an extra charge and after the first hour, all additional hours are charged accordingly.

5) Do you do same day response?

Yes we aim to respond to calls on the same day.

6) How long does an average intruder alarm system installation take?

An average intruder alarm take one to two days depending on the size of system and property.

7) Are all cables hidden?

Yes we aim to hide all cables.

8) Do you use only your products?

No we use the latest technology and will source your existing equipment to match your system where possible.

9) Do you work weekends?

Yes there is an extra charge for this service.

10) Do your engineers carry ID cards?

Yes all our engineers wear uniform with the company logo and have photo ID cards.